Novack Library Dedication Ceremony at the Mary Lyon Pilot High School

Ribbon cutting at the Lyon
After much construction, painting, setting up of new computers, shelving of new books and decorating, the new Novack Library Media Center at the Mary Lyon Pilot High School in Brighton was opened to students earlier this school year. A dedication ceremony for the beautiful, new library was held on February 8, 2011. The ceremony officially named the library in honor of the Novack Family, longtime and generous supporters of the Mary Lyon School. Speakers for the event included Boston Mayor Thomas Menino; Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carol Johnson; Dr. Mary Nash, founding Principal of the Mary Lyon School; Deborah Rooney, current Principal of the Mary Lyon School and others. It was an exciting day for the Lyon School Community.
Mayor Menino at the Lyon
What does this new library mean to the students of the school?  Savannah Lewis, 10th grader and Student Council Member, spoke eloquently about that in her speech thanking the Novacks and others for their dedication to the school.  With her permission, I am including some excerpts from her speech.  Her words say it best:

“We are so happy at the completion of our new library.  It’s amazing to think that a year ago we were a small K-8 school with no library, gym or cafeteria….we are much appreciative to all the people who have made our school environment so much more beneficial.  It’s an honor to dedicate this library to the Novack Family!  This is an incredible resource for our students so they may check out books and do as much research as they like.  Now students have a place where they can get their work done quietly and without interruption.…A library is an asset we now have and as our school grows we want to use this asset to our full potential.  Daily we nag our teachers to take us to learn in this room; and the new computers have become a necessity over these past weeks that we simply couldn’t live without….I’ve seen prior students of the Mary Lyon come into the high school with amazement on their faces as they gaze at our newly renovated halls.  We are so very happy to share the opening of our library with you and hope you know our gratitude for everyone who helped us attain this asset to our school community.” (Savannah Lewis, Grade 10, Mary Lyon Pilot High School)

Lyon computers

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