Boston Cares and 9/11 Tribute Projects Help BPS Libraries

Boston Cares, a local volunteer organization, participated in “I Will: the 9/11 Tribute Movement”, a national coalition that generated more than one million acts of service in honor of the 9/11 National Day of Service & Remembrance and the 10th anniversary of the attacks.  As part of their 9/11 Tribute Events, Boston Cares featured a “Spotlight on Boston Public Schools”, organizing service projects at a number of BPS locations including the Edison, Mather and Winship schools.

Boston Cares volunteer covering donated library books

BPS Libraries were honored to be the recipients of two of the many wonderful service projects that took place throughout Boston that Sunday. According to the Boston Cares website, “knowing the importance of literacy for kids, especially in an urban setting, we’ll be focusing on libraries at Boston Public Schools”.  One project saw volunteers donate and prep thousands of new library books for students.  Titles were chosen based on the BPS/BPL summer reading lists as well as additional lists generated by district library staff.  Boston Cares was able to purchase 2060 new books for BPS school libraries, ten books honoring each of the 206 Massachusetts 9/11 victims.  On Sunday, September 11, Mayor Menino and BPS Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson were on hand to welcome and thank 150 volunteers at Boston City Hall.  These volunteers spent the morning processing all of the donated school library books.  A bookplate was also placed in each book stating that the donation was made as part of the 9/11/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.

Volunteers shelving books at CASH

The second activity that morning took place in Dorchester at the Community Academy of Science and Health (CASH).  Thirty Boston Cares volunteers helped get the new school library at CASH up and running.  Volunteers worked with Karen Kohr, the CASH School Librarian, to organize, scan and shelve library books and materials.  An incredible amount of work was accomplished that day, helping the library open to students sooner.  The BPS School Library Staff would like to extend an enormous thank you to Boston Cares and all of the many volunteers who donated books or their time for these projects. We are honored that Boston Cares chose BPS school libraries as recipients for these two 9/11 Tribute Projects and are extremely grateful for the donations made on behalf of our students.


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