Target Library Makeover @ The Hennigan School

Ribbon cutting at the renovated Hennigan School Library.

For the third year in a row, Target has chosen a Boston Public School Library to be one of the recipients of their School Library Makeover program. This year’s choice was The Hennigan Elementary School Library. For the past six months, Hennigan Librarian Gwenette Bullock, Principal Maria Cordon, and other BPS representatives have worked closely with Target and the

Students trying out the library's new iPads.

Heart of America Foundation on the design of the library and the choice of materials and resources for the facility.  On November 2nd, their vision was realized as students, families and staff from The Hennigan School along with BPS Superintendent Carol Johnson, Target Corp., volunteers and The Heart of America Foundation celebrated the unveiling of the school’s newly renovated library.  As a result of the makeover, the library at The Hennigan School now features 2,000 new books, eco-friendly design elements, a complete technology upgrade, as well as new furniture, carpet and shelves.  New technology in the library includes iPads and new desktop computers.  As part of the library makeover celebration, each student and his or her siblings also received seven new books to add to their home libraries.

Target volunteers setting up food stations.

In addition to the remodeled library, The Hennigan School community received a Target Meals for Minds school-based food pantry. Through a collaboration with The Greater Boston Food Bank, all families present at the event were able to choose up to 25 pounds of food per child to take home.  The food consisted of healthy options such as chicken, beef, fresh produce, juices, and canned goods.  The school-based food pantry will continue to take place at The Hennigan School on a monthly basis.

Hennigan students welcoming/thanking Target volunteers

Mural and new books in the Hennigan Library.

New reading corner in the Hennigan Library.

Thank you to Target, The Heart of America Foundation, and Suffolk Construction and their partners for all of the work and contributions that went into creating the beautifully renovated library for The Hennigan School community.  Go to this Boston Globe article to see more about the renovation and celebration.

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One Response to Target Library Makeover @ The Hennigan School

  1. Barbara says:

    Looks great Amy! Sorry I missed the opening day! Will visit sometime soon.

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