BPS Librarians and Parents Group Receive Prestigious Awards

Congratulations to Boston Public Schools Librarians Jennifer Varney (Hurley K-8 School) and Susanna Hall (Boston Green Academy) and to the Hurley K-8 School Parents for being chosen by the Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA) as recipients of prestigious statewide awards for 2011-12.  Winners were honored during the Awards Banquet at the 2012 MSLA Annual Conference.

Jennifer Varney, Hurley K-8 School Librarian

Jennifer Varney, School Librarian at the Hurley K-8 School, received a MA Super Librarian Accolade Award.  This award recognizes an exemplary librarian/library program in each of the six regions across the state.  Jennifer was recognized for her willingness to outreach to and collaborate with teachers to infuse 21st Century and Information Literacy Skills into the curriculum, her support of literacy efforts in the school, and her contributions to the extended library community.  Congratulations to Jennifer Varney!

Boston Green Academy Librarian Susanna Hall with Valerie Diggs, MSLA President

Susanna Hall, School Librarian at the Boston Green Academy, was the recipient of the LMC President’s Award.  This award is given to a School Librarian who, in a career of three or fewer years, has made a significant impact on student learning through a quality school library program and has made a positive contribution to MSLA activities in the region or state. Susanna was honored for her role in building a library program at the Boston Green Academy, a new BPS school, and for her collaborative work at the district level to help establish a web presence for BPS Libraries.  In addition, Susanna has contributed to the profession by joining the MSLA Executive Board in her first year as a school librarian.  Congratulations to Susanna Hall!

Hurley Parent Rhys Sevier, Valerie Diggs and Jennifer Varney

The Hurley K-8 School Parents were chosen from the many nominations submitted to receive the PALS: Parents as Library Supporters Award.  The MSLA Awards Committee noted that the Hurley Parents rose to the top of their list because of the group’s unwavering support for and commitment to the school’s library program.  The Hurley Parents created the school library in 2007 by purchasing books, soliciting donations for furnishings, and raising funds to pay for library staff during the first year of operation.  The parents have continued their support for the library by providing grants for library books and other resources, advocating for the library, and lending volunteer support when needed.  Congratulations and thank you to the Hurley Parents!

In addition to the above-mentioned awards, Dr. Nancy Jones, former long-time BPS Director and Librarian, was recognized posthumously with an MSLA Lifetime Achievement Award.  This award is given to someone who, during the course of ten or more years of MSLA membership, has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the service of students and 21st century learning and the advancement of school libraries.  Dr. Jones was recognized for her contributions to the profession through her work in Boston as well as her years of service as a member of the Executive Board of MSLA and an adjunct professor/educator of future school librarians.  Dr. Jones’ family was in attendance at the banquet to receive the award.

For more information about the awards or for a complete list of award winners, please visit the Massachusetts School Library Association Awards Page.

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