Trotter Elementary Receives Target School Library Makeover

ImageOn Wednesday, October 3rd, the Trotter Elementary School students and school community were introduced to their beautiful new school library.  The Boston Globe captured the exciting moment when Principal Mairead Nolan, Assistant Principal Romaine Mills-Teque, Librarian Suzanne Mathews, and Trotter students saw their newly completed library for the first time. The Trotter was the recipient of Boston’s fourth consecutive Target School Library Makeover.  As a result of the makeover, the library at the Trotter received 2,000 new books; new furniture, carpet and shelves; and a complete technology upgrade including iPads, laptops, and a SMART Board interactive whiteboard system.


Using the new SMART Board

As part of the library makeover celebration, each student and his or her siblings also received seven new books to add to their home libraries.


Superintendent Carol Johnson speaking during ceremony

Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson and City Councillor Tito Jackson were among the speakers at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Both spoke of the opportunities the new library will provide for Trotter’s students.

In addition to the remodeled library, the Trotter also received a Target Meals for Minds school-based food pantry program. Through a collaboration with the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), all families were able to choose and take home up to 22 pounds of food per child.  As part of the Meals for Minds program, the GBFB will continue to bring this service for Trotter families on a monthly basis.   Image

We are tremendously grateful to Target and their partners Heart of America, Suffolk Construction, the Greater Boston Food Bank and others for this incredible gift to the Trotter Elementary School community.  The new library space will inspire readers and learners for many years to come!ImageImage

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