Author Joseph Bruchac Visits Nathan Hale School


Author/Storyteller Joseph Bruchac

Guest Post by Maya Bery, Librarian, Nathan Hale School
On April 26th, the Nathan Hale School hosted author/storyteller Joseph Bruchac, who came to us through the Foundation for Children’s Books.  In preparation for Mr. Bruchac’s visit, we explored a number of his stories during library, including Rabbit’s Last Snow Dance, Gluskabe and the Wind Eagle, The First Strawberries, The Story of the Milky Way, The Great Ball Game, Raccoon’s Last Race, and How the Chipmunk Got His Stripes.

Mr. Bruchac began his performance by singing a welcome song to greet all of us in the circle, and playing his drum.  He then told us the story of Raccoon’s last race and the story of Gluskabe and the Stone Giants. Students loved hearing the stories, and everyone had a great time.

The Nathan Hale School would like to thank Mr. Bruchac for his time, and the Foundation for Children’s Books for their generosity in bringing Mr. Bruchac to visit and for providing our library with brand new copies of many of his books.

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