Getting to Know Ms. Armistead

A Guest Post Written By Brianna Crockett, Boston Latin Academy Class of ’14

Author Cal Armistead with the BLA Book Club

Author Cal Armistead with the BLA Book Club

Recently the Boston Latin Academy Book Club hosted a high tea with novelist, Cal Armistead, author of Being Henry David. It was an exciting, fancy social event that only the book club, with the help of Librarian and Book Club Advisor Ms. Lewis and BLA parent Ms. Nolan, could pull off. Once Ms. Armistead arrived, we found out that she was an easy going, smiling, effervescent person. She was an easy person to relate to and an even easier person to talk to. We were so honored to have her and we got to ask her questions. Her responses were witty and funny. I got to sit with her and pick her brain on some ideas and life mottoes. Her responses were surprising.

BC: What is your favorite book to read?
CA: I would have to say The Secret Garden. I love the book and all of the movies.


Author Cal Armistead with BLA Students

BC: What’s a quote that you live by?
CA: I don’t remember where I’ve seen this, but I write it in all of my books when I sign them. It’s a quote by Henry David Thoreau that says “Live Deliberately”. I take it as not letting yourself become passive. Not letting life happen to you.

BC: Sometimes I write stories but I find myself getting disinterested so I never finish them. How do you keep yourself interested in your own work?
CA: (Laughs) That is one of the hardest things to do when writing. It is to remind yourself why you’re writing and not get into a rut where your only goal is to finish the story and not make it your best. I have that problem too. But I have to reread everything and go with my instinct as to where to take the story because I’ve never been someone to write out an outline. I hate them.

Thank you to author Cal Armistead for a fun and educational visit!

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